Prof. Jianbo Zhang from Tsinghua University visits us.

Left to right: Matthew Beltran, Yuan Tan, Dr. Laisuo Su, Dr. Jianbo Zhang, Jiayi Zhang, Jordan Gatts.


Prof. Yan Yao from the University of Houston visits us.

Left to right: Jordan Gatts, Jiayi Zhang, Dr. Yan Yao, Dr. Laisuo Su, Yuan Tan, Matthew Beltran


Group Dinner with UT Austin students (Dr. Manthiram's lab).

Left side: Yuan Tan, Jiayi Zhang, Seamus Ober (UT Austin), Panawan Vanaphuti (UT Austin).

Right side: Nina Meng, Laisuo Su, Michael Yi (UT Austin), Richard Sim (UT Austin)

Middle: Arya Su


Our 4-hand glovebox arrives. Thank you, Zhongjiu (left), Jiayi (middle), and Siyu (right), for unpacking and moving it to the lab.


Our first piece of equipment arrives. Thank you, Jiayi (left) and Siyu (right), for helping set it up.